Why Port Louis is popular with tourists


Port Louis is the capital of Mauritius and the largest city on the island. It is also the commercial capital and is a rabble of humanity. It is cosmopolitan and there is heaving multi-cultural persona to the town. Tourists love this town for its electrifying atmosphere, lively ambience and for having that dynamic quality about it. From the economic standpoint, it is equally significant and the tourism industry rolls in a lot of cash for the city. Almost every package for Mauritius comes with a trip to Port Louis which has myriad sky-scrapers and a beautiful harbor to its name.


One of the key attractions of the town is the Champ de Mars. It is a horse racing arena and always pulls the right amount of crowd. Even if you are not interested in horse races, you should visit this place just to be a part of the enthusiastic crowd. There are many markets and malls in this booming city. That’s another reason why tourists, especially the women, love this town so much. It is an idyllic place for shopping and one can never have enough of its local seafood.


There is also a lot in store for a history lover. Amongst the popular museums, the ones which deserve special mention are the Blue Penny Museum, Natural history Museum and the Photographic Museum. You will enjoy these spots and get a lot of information about the island’s history. In addition, the city has some forts, mosques and churches as well. Mauritius honeymoon package has now become extremely coveted. And the reputation of Port Louis is one of the key reasons for its popularity.

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