5 best beaches of Mauritius and their USPs


Mauritius is one of the best beach destinations in the world! This tropical paradise fetches all kinds of tourists! It doesn’t matter whether you are a backpacker or a swimmer or a sports lover or a honeymooner, you cannot find a place better than Mauritius.

So, when you do go to this place, do make sure to check these top five beaches:

Grand Baie:


Grand Baie deserves the highest credit for the popularity of tourism in Mauritius. This is the most popular beach and so rightfully crowded! But it is a must-visit more for the ambience than for anything else! The waters are infested with boatmen and the shores with tourists! You will not get easy space either in the water or off it!

USP- Reputation and electric atmosphere



In case you are a swimming junkie, then this is the right beach for you! Situated in the northern part of the island, it offers pellucid waters which are very clear and inviting for a few breast strokes!

USP- Transparent waters

Belle Mare Plage:


In case you like to gaze at the horizon, then you must not miss out on this beach! It is phenomenally panoramic and offers awesomely memorable sunrises!

USP- Beautiful sunrise

La Cuvette:


It is quiet and hidden and mostly frequented by locals! Yet its smallness makes it a livewire of a place. The presence of trees conjures a perfect ambience for relaxation!

USP- Shady trees

Roche Noires:

This beach is reputed for its volcanic rocks! It is also a swimming-friendly region and is great for sailing as well. Mauritius tourism authority ensures that the tourists are looked after well.

USP- Volcanic rocks

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