How to Become a Successful Travel Writer/Blogger


Who wouldn’t want to travel the world for free and get paid to write about those travels?

There are umpteen aspiring writers and bloggers who are trying to establish themselves in the world of travel writing. In pursuit of this wish, amateurs pitch ideas to editors, set up blogs, document their travels and persevere in the hope of getting that big break sooner than later.

But then everyone isn’t successful and there are those who clearly stand out from the crowd. These are the travellers and story tellers who don’t merely document their travels; they share stories, tell dreams, explain experiences and make the reader live the travel through words.


Here’s how you can become a successful travel writer:

  1. Be honest

The one thing that sets apart a true travel writer from a wannabe one is the honesty in the former’s write-up. When travelling, make special efforts to document your travels precisely and concisely. Take care to not overlook details and note-down all the important names (lanes, hotels, places to visit, etc.). Post documentation, share this information with honesty. There is no need exaggerate your experience or undermine it. Be true; be thorough though certainly not boring.

  1. Read

The one thing that a writer should consistently do is read. It could be magazines, travel books, fiction, non-fiction or even an aeroplane safety chart! Read, exercise your mind, better your vocabulary and thus sharpen your writing skills.

  1. Don’t make excuses

If you want to travel and make a living of it, then you need to arm yourself with curiosity not excuses! Stay clear of the ‘maybe tomorrow’, ‘my kids need me’, ‘I don’t feel up to it’. If you want it, just go for it.

  1. Avoid clichés

This is an absolute must. You have to avoid clichés and go beyond words like extraordinary, exotic, luxury, beautiful and so on. Keep your writing fresh and original.

  1. Know your expertise

What can you write supremely well about? Flee markets in cities or adventure travel or romantic holidays or architectures and monuments? You need to know what genre of travel writing you are best at and then stick to it. Once you become famous as the voice on a particular genre, editors will approach you with similar projects and you will be able to create a niche for yourself.

Dedication, perseverance, patience, professionalism are a few more qualities required to excel in this professional field. If you have set your heart on becoming a successful travel writer then you must work towards achieving your dream. No holds barred!