Holiday Places near Bangalore for Wildlife Lovers


If you are crazy about wildlife and are planning to don the hat of Jeff Corwin, then there are umpteen numbers of places to visit in Bangalore or near Bangalore for people like you. Since, most of the places are reachable in just a few hours (or less), you can even head there for a weekend retreat. Choose from a wide range of best tour packages for Bangalore at WeAreHolidays.

Here is a breakdown of some of the popular ones:

1. Bannerghata National Park: This is the most famous wildlife destination just around Bangalore within a laughably small distance of 26 km. It is noted for its tigers, lions, crocodiles and snakes, thus offering your eyes some real eye candy. If you always wanted to go on tiger trails, then this place is where you can play hide-n-seek with them. (Just make sure that it is you who are the seeker, and not the other way round!)


2. Galibore Fishing and Nature Camp: If you wanted to laze by the serene river and watch the birds, bees and the fishes, then this place is the real ‘jannat’ (heaven). It is around 100 km from Bangalore and a really tranquil and rhapsodic place to spend some leisurely hours.

Galibore Fishing and Nature Camp

3. Dubare Elephant Camp: Situated in Dubare, Coorg (around 237 km), this elephant camp is a place where you can spend some time in the elephantine company of tuskers. It is a lovely place to learn a thing or two about their life.

Dubare Elephant Camp

Some other wildlife places to visit near Bangalore are Nagarhole National Park, K Gudi Wilderness Camp and Bheemeshwari Fishing and Nature Camp.