Spiritual Holiday in Thailand: Plan a Sacred Sabbatical to the Land of Buddhist Temples


Thailand is a country known for its magnanimity when it comes to tourist attractions. It has got copious sites and attractions and they are spread over all genres including religion, history and nature. A holiday in Thailand is quite synonymous to a spiritual holiday since the nation brings you in the close proximity of a slew of Buddhist monks, monasteries and temples. With cheap Thailand tour packages, you can now set out for this spiritual sojourn and explore the myriad sacred destinations in cities like Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Sukhothai.

Here is a montage of some of the popular attractions which any pilgrim or a backpacker on a spiritual quest would love to visit:

Wat pho, Bangkok

Wat pho, Bangkok

  1. Wat Pho, Bangkok: The capital city is home to one of the most popular temples of the country named Wat Pho. The 18th century temple is not only historical but has a colossal reputation for its medieval architecture. Its Statue of Reclining Buddha is often counted amongst the greatest attractions of Thailand.
  2. Wat Arun, Bangkok: Bangkok holds another sacred ace in the shape of Wat Arun or Temple of the Dawn. Standing beside the famed Chao Phraya River, the temple is stunning in its elegant architecture and quite stark in its popularity and visibility. It is beautiful from both within and outside and can enlighten you with many principles and tales of Buddhism.
  3. Wat Phra Singh, Chiang Mai: At Chiang Mai, you shall come up against Wat Phra Singh or Temple of the Lion Buddha. This is a place where you can get the kind of peace one looks in a spiritual voyage. It is a monastery that houses a number of Buddhist monks who lead a very simple life and spread the principles of Buddhism. Spending some time in their presence can really open your eyes and make you realize the fact that materialism can be so frivolous.
  4. Wat Phra That Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai: Trip to the sacred city of Chiang Mai shall also drop you before the shimmering and spiritual corner of this 14th century temple so that you can regale your heart with legendary tales and feel the soothing vibes of being amongst pilgrims.
Temple of Wat Arun

Temple of Wat Arun

Wat Phra Singh Chiang Mai

Wat Phra Singh Chiang Mai

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep

Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep

Thus, the country has plenty of sacred temples and spots to offer you. Some other notable religious attractions of Thailand are Wat Chiang Man (Chiang Mai), Old Sukhothai Historical Park (Sukhothai), Wat Traimit (Bangkok) and Erawan Shrine (Bangkok).


Picture of the Day: Real-Life Thomas the Tank Engine Spotted in Japan




A life-sized Thomas the Tank Engine was spotted in the mountains of Japan, west of Tokyo and near the city of Shimada in Shizuoka prefecture. The steam engine replica belongs to the Oigawa Railway. The company is famous for its old-fashioned steam locomotives which carry passengers through isolated spots in the surrounding area, populated by mountains and hills, to one of the many hot spring resorts. [source]

Thomas will be making journeys throughout the month of July. Unfortunately tickets have already sold out but may be available through secondary marketplaces. People can still catch a glimpse of Thomas by visiting sections along the Oigawa Railway in July.

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The Stunning Snow-Adorned Mount Titlis


Switzerland is one of the few countries of the world that is blessed with rich- natural beauty and splendor. This picturesque country is blessed with stunning natural splendor and a charming, romantic atmosphere. It is home to breathtaking snow-clad mountains, landscapes and scenic beauty; and is a must go place for nature lovers and honeymooners.

Mount Titlis

One of the true treasures of this heavenly abode is the chilly Mount Titlis. Tourism Switzerland is all about exploring the intimidating possessions of the country, and without a doubt it covers this majestic mountain. The tranquil mountain is surrounded with freezing glaciers, caves, and to-die-for panoramic views. The ice cave is the highlight as it has flashy neon lights and music. Try eating in the restaurant that is perched at high altitudes of the mountain while breathing in the fresh, clean air.


This curve-shaped mountain can be reached through a series of three cable car rides that take off from the base city Engelberg. The easiest way to reach Engelberg is from Lucerne and Zurich. Trains from Lucerne and Zurich are found at frequent intervals, but if you are a tad bit adventurous you could always opt for an admirable road trip. Once you are at the base city, Engelberg, take a forty-five minutes breathtaking ariel car journey from Engelberg to Trubesee to Stand to Titlis. Each cable car has a lift; and is wheel chair accessible to make the riders feel comfortable. At Stand you will be transferred to the world’s only revolving cable car – the Rotair. This giant ganola exudes a 360degree panoramic view of the sow-capped valleys, mountains, forests, lakes, and glaciers of Switzerland. Sitting in the Rotair is an experience on its own!

Lake-Geneva image source - weareholidays.co.in

Lake-Geneva image source – weareholidays.co.in

Fun and adventure go hand-in-hand, and when you are standing at the loftiest peak of Switzerland the excitement magnifies. This snowy mountain offers a herd of adventure sports. Try out skiing and snowboarding your way through the icy slopes or make your own snow man round the year. Even better go kayaking on Trubesee, the glamorous mountain lake.   Are you hungry for more adventure? Try snow tubing down a five-hundred feet slide clled the Fun Lift. Or, take a 130-mile roundtrip tour below the earth surface at the Glacier Grotto. Hop on the Ice Flyer and Trotti-Bike for some family adventure.

Lugano, Switzerland Image Source - weareholidays.co.in

Lugano, Switzerland Image Source – weareholidays.co.in

Just book online packages to Switzerland today, and leave all your concerns at home as the Switzerland tourism guide will take you on the most memorable journey of your life.

Leisure golf in Mauritius


Mauritius is usually associated with beaches and romance. So, not many people know that it is also a great destination for playing golf. There are a number of golf courses on the island and they pave way for a luxurious session of leisure golf. Known for its blue-green landscape, Mauritius is perfect for swinging your arms. And since there are lovely green patches of these well-endowed courses, even a non-interested person feels charmed towards this game. Mauritius honeymoon packages have become quite easy to grab these days as they are available for booking online. So, for having the best period of your life, with or without golf, do make sure to make an early booking.


Coming back to golf, there are many reputed golf courses on the island. One of them is Els Golf Club. It is a privately owned course (in fact, most courses are owned privately) by Four Seasons Resort. So, those enthusiastic about golf have got a sound reason to stay put at this hotel. In any case, Four Seasons is amongst the most reputed hotel brands in Asia. In case you are not putting up with this hotel, you can still have a go at its golf course. But you will be charged.


Le Paradis Golf Club is another great course which has rather convenient track that can suit any amateur. Besides, this course serves as a vantage point. The hills and the oceans are just round the bend and it feels nice to be playing right at the backyard of nature.


One enthralling thing about Mauritius’ golf courses is that they are mostly all situated at locations which offer stupendous views. So, even for someone who is holding a golf bat for the first time in his life, the experience itself is worth every penny you spend.

Also, there are luxury-seeking couples who do not mind a session or two of golf, which is considered universally as a sport meant for the richer people. That is why we say that golf is a game for leisurely people, those who have nothing much to do except to have fun and have a bit of money to splurge (in short, holiday-goers and honeymooner).

With tour packages to Mauritius, you will get to discover more such courses. The island has courses for all kinds of hands- newbies, amateurs and seasoned. So, you can choose your level of difficulty and play accordingly.

Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai – Seriously Thrilling Theme Park


Wild Wadi Water Park is one of the top attractions of UAE and is included in most of the things to do in Dubai. Those visiting Dubai with their kids must take them to this place which promises to send shivers down your ventricles as your heart leaps out nearly to your mouth. As an innovative theme park, it gets full marks. It has simulated the mountains of the Middle East and has presented them in the most thrilling form. A number of water rides greet you, not with a smile but with a maniacal laughter. Half the time you will be simply screaming your lungs out! Some of the rides simply defy all logics as you are thrown headlong into a pool or tossed down straight from a jaw-dropping height. However, irrespective of the thrilling nature of these rides, all of them are completely safe.

There are a few rides which are out of bond for children of a certain age (or height). In addition, there are certain things which are meant to be enjoyed only by the tiny tots. So, Wild Wadi Park is for everybody, whether a toddler or a teenager or an adult.


With Dubai packages, you can also check out the attractions which envelope this park. The Jumeirah Beach is just round the corner and this park is pretty much a neighbor of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The famous 7-star hotel of Burj Al Arab also stands nearby. It is quite a sight, since its architecture is something of an enigma.

Wild Wadi Water Park opens its gates at 10 am in the morning and it closes down at 8 pm. Ideally, it is better to start your day early so that you can spend the maximum number of hours in this place. The ticket prices can be a tad expensive since it is a seriously reputed attraction. But most Dubai packages will waive off some amount and you can happily avail discounts.


Here is an interesting trivia to arouse your interests. This park was the place of competition in one of the events at the game show called The Amazing Race (season 5). It also got featured in the debut edition of The Amazing Race Asia and in the second installment of The Amazing Race Australia.

Wild Wadi Park is not an ordinary water park, mind you. It is a deadly combination of fun and thrill. You are advised not to go to this park if you are a grumpy old man who doesn’t like to laugh and enjoy.