The Stunning Snow-Adorned Mount Titlis


Switzerland is one of the few countries of the world that is blessed with rich- natural beauty and splendor. This picturesque country is blessed with stunning natural splendor and a charming, romantic atmosphere. It is home to breathtaking snow-clad mountains, landscapes and scenic beauty; and is a must go place for nature lovers and honeymooners.

Mount Titlis

One of the true treasures of this heavenly abode is the chilly Mount Titlis. Tourism Switzerland is all about exploring the intimidating possessions of the country, and without a doubt it covers this majestic mountain. The tranquil mountain is surrounded with freezing glaciers, caves, and to-die-for panoramic views. The ice cave is the highlight as it has flashy neon lights and music. Try eating in the restaurant that is perched at high altitudes of the mountain while breathing in the fresh, clean air.


This curve-shaped mountain can be reached through a series of three cable car rides that take off from the base city Engelberg. The easiest way to reach Engelberg is from Lucerne and Zurich. Trains from Lucerne and Zurich are found at frequent intervals, but if you are a tad bit adventurous you could always opt for an admirable road trip. Once you are at the base city, Engelberg, take a forty-five minutes breathtaking ariel car journey from Engelberg to Trubesee to Stand to Titlis. Each cable car has a lift; and is wheel chair accessible to make the riders feel comfortable. At Stand you will be transferred to the world’s only revolving cable car – the Rotair. This giant ganola exudes a 360degree panoramic view of the sow-capped valleys, mountains, forests, lakes, and glaciers of Switzerland. Sitting in the Rotair is an experience on its own!

Lake-Geneva image source -

Lake-Geneva image source –

Fun and adventure go hand-in-hand, and when you are standing at the loftiest peak of Switzerland the excitement magnifies. This snowy mountain offers a herd of adventure sports. Try out skiing and snowboarding your way through the icy slopes or make your own snow man round the year. Even better go kayaking on Trubesee, the glamorous mountain lake.   Are you hungry for more adventure? Try snow tubing down a five-hundred feet slide clled the Fun Lift. Or, take a 130-mile roundtrip tour below the earth surface at the Glacier Grotto. Hop on the Ice Flyer and Trotti-Bike for some family adventure.

Lugano, Switzerland Image Source -

Lugano, Switzerland Image Source –

Just book online packages to Switzerland today, and leave all your concerns at home as the Switzerland tourism guide will take you on the most memorable journey of your life.


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