Leisure golf in Mauritius


Mauritius is usually associated with beaches and romance. So, not many people know that it is also a great destination for playing golf. There are a number of golf courses on the island and they pave way for a luxurious session of leisure golf. Known for its blue-green landscape, Mauritius is perfect for swinging your arms. And since there are lovely green patches of these well-endowed courses, even a non-interested person feels charmed towards this game. Mauritius honeymoon packages have become quite easy to grab these days as they are available for booking online. So, for having the best period of your life, with or without golf, do make sure to make an early booking.


Coming back to golf, there are many reputed golf courses on the island. One of them is Els Golf Club. It is a privately owned course (in fact, most courses are owned privately) by Four Seasons Resort. So, those enthusiastic about golf have got a sound reason to stay put at this hotel. In any case, Four Seasons is amongst the most reputed hotel brands in Asia. In case you are not putting up with this hotel, you can still have a go at its golf course. But you will be charged.


Le Paradis Golf Club is another great course which has rather convenient track that can suit any amateur. Besides, this course serves as a vantage point. The hills and the oceans are just round the bend and it feels nice to be playing right at the backyard of nature.


One enthralling thing about Mauritius’ golf courses is that they are mostly all situated at locations which offer stupendous views. So, even for someone who is holding a golf bat for the first time in his life, the experience itself is worth every penny you spend.

Also, there are luxury-seeking couples who do not mind a session or two of golf, which is considered universally as a sport meant for the richer people. That is why we say that golf is a game for leisurely people, those who have nothing much to do except to have fun and have a bit of money to splurge (in short, holiday-goers and honeymooner).

With tour packages to Mauritius, you will get to discover more such courses. The island has courses for all kinds of hands- newbies, amateurs and seasoned. So, you can choose your level of difficulty and play accordingly.

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