Wild Wadi Water Park in Dubai – Seriously Thrilling Theme Park


Wild Wadi Water Park is one of the top attractions of UAE and is included in most of the things to do in Dubai. Those visiting Dubai with their kids must take them to this place which promises to send shivers down your ventricles as your heart leaps out nearly to your mouth. As an innovative theme park, it gets full marks. It has simulated the mountains of the Middle East and has presented them in the most thrilling form. A number of water rides greet you, not with a smile but with a maniacal laughter. Half the time you will be simply screaming your lungs out! Some of the rides simply defy all logics as you are thrown headlong into a pool or tossed down straight from a jaw-dropping height. However, irrespective of the thrilling nature of these rides, all of them are completely safe.

There are a few rides which are out of bond for children of a certain age (or height). In addition, there are certain things which are meant to be enjoyed only by the tiny tots. So, Wild Wadi Park is for everybody, whether a toddler or a teenager or an adult.


With Dubai packages, you can also check out the attractions which envelope this park. The Jumeirah Beach is just round the corner and this park is pretty much a neighbor of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. The famous 7-star hotel of Burj Al Arab also stands nearby. It is quite a sight, since its architecture is something of an enigma.

Wild Wadi Water Park opens its gates at 10 am in the morning and it closes down at 8 pm. Ideally, it is better to start your day early so that you can spend the maximum number of hours in this place. The ticket prices can be a tad expensive since it is a seriously reputed attraction. But most Dubai packages will waive off some amount and you can happily avail discounts.


Here is an interesting trivia to arouse your interests. This park was the place of competition in one of the events at the game show called The Amazing Race (season 5). It also got featured in the debut edition of The Amazing Race Asia and in the second installment of The Amazing Race Australia.

Wild Wadi Park is not an ordinary water park, mind you. It is a deadly combination of fun and thrill. You are advised not to go to this park if you are a grumpy old man who doesn’t like to laugh and enjoy.

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