Peaceful & Panoramic Places Around Pune



Situated at a distance of over 170 kms from Mumbai, the commercial capital and one of the largest cosmopolitans in India, Pune is a beautiful city. Located on the right bank of Mahua river on the Deccan Plateau, Pune is mostly known for its corporate characteristics. Today Pune is the ninth largest metropolitan city in the country and the second largest in the state of Maharashtra, after the capital Mumbai. Though the city plays host to thousands of business travelers, Pune is quite an ideal vacation spot. The scenic surroundings of Pune make it a great getaway spot for the Mumbaikars, thanks to its good altitude. When you are sick and tired of the bustling city life of Mumbai, a short trip to Pune and the places to visit around Mumbai city could bring relief to your soul. The city of Pune and its surroundings offer visitors with huge scopes for exploring cultural places, wildlife, religious sites, adventure destinations as well as for enjoying entertainment.


Located right on the bank of Mula and Mutha rivers, Bund Garden is a heritage site one of the top good places to visit in Pune. The garden was created by Sir Janshedji and it was aimed at providing poor farmers with water for agricultural purpose. The Bund Garden is also known as Mahatma Gandhi Udyan and is very serene and beautiful spot in the outskirts of Pune. Another sightseeing spot within a close radius of Pune is the Mulshi Lake and Dam. The lake is set right in the centre of the dam’s catchment area. Scenic surroundings of Mulshi Lake make it a perfect picnic spot. One can catch glimpse of the Sahyadri hills, explore the dense green forests and make trips to the ancient h. forts of Dhangad and Koraigad. For lovers, the Saras Garden or Saras Baug is another spectacular spot. Located on the foreground of the picturesque Parvati Hills, Saras Baug is large garden, famous for its green lawns and fountains. Built way back in 1744, the garden holds immense historic value.


For people who are fascinated with wildlife, the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park or Rajib Gandhi Zoo is a perfect spot. Located at Katraj, within the vicinity of Pune, Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park is a 130 acre zoo which includes an animal orphanage, a zoo and a snake park. The zoo is home to many mammals, reptiles and birds and the biggest attraction of this part is Tanaji, a white tiger. Other animals that you will get to see here are sloth bear, sambhar, leopard, barking deer, black buck, monkeys, peafowl and some elephants. Reptile members of the zoo include cobra, Indian rock python, vipers and Indian crocodiles. You will also find somw amphibians including Indian star tortoise. The snake park features more than 150 species of snakes including a huge King Cobra. Besides, it is home to some turtles, reptiles and birds. Situated very close to the zoo, Katraj Snake Park is another home of diverse species of reptiles.

The Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park2

You can take senior members of your family to religious spots like Osho Ashram, Parvati Hill Temple and St Mary’s Church and for your enjoyment, you can head for activities like horse riding and paragliding. You will surely enjoy your time at the Panshet Water Park, which offers great scopes for activities like swimming, kayaking and water scooter riding while the ladies would be delighted to explore Tulsi Baug, one of the prime shopping zones in Pune.

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