A Sneak Preview of the Arts Scene in Singapore


Singapore may have a reputation for catchy landmarks and sensational manmade parks (viz. Jurong Bird Park, Singapore Zoo, Singapore Night Safari) but the arts scene here is not to be ignored. The country is fresh in terms of age; almost a teenager in comparison to the other aged Asian nations. Besides, cosmopolitanism rules the destination and the locals are basically settlers from countries like China, Malaysia and India. So, the art of Singapore borrows from all these countries and yet has a distinctness of its own. With a Singapore holiday package and even with most Singapore honeymoon packages, you can enjoy a sneak peek into the art galleries, museums and theaters which are silently brewing up in this part of the world.

Singapore Symphony Orchestra

Singapore Symphony Orchestra

The art scene has grown by leaps and bounds over the past couple of decades. A number of young orchestral groups have sprung up and won glory and recognition. Singapore Chinese Orchestra and Singapore Symphony Orchestra are some of the more popular groups in the country.

Singapore Arts Festival

Singapore Arts Festival

Festivals and events usually held on a yearly basis are also helping young artists to perform before an interested audience. Singapore Arts Festival is one fine specimen of a booming art culture in the nation. The festival brings with it a tsunami of talent. Even though the general aim is to celebrate to the glory of life and to entertain the tourists, the festival gets our thumbs up as it allows local and international artists to showcase their hidden talent. The festival runs for 3 weeks in the month of May and often spills over to the early part of June.


There are some forms of dance which have their roots in Singapore. For instance, there is the Chinese Lion Dance or the Bharatnatyam. Now, though they are inspired from the local dance forms in China and India respectively, over the years, they have embraced many local aspects to become unique to Singapore.


Opera is another special and much-loved form of art which finds its manifestation through music, martial arts and even acrobatics. The Wayang Chinese Opera is amongst the most famous opera forms in the country and is relished with great fervor by locals and tourists alike.

chinese opera

chinese opera


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