5 Top Things to do in Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka is a far more beautiful place than it is given credit for. We are lucky in some ways to have this island so close to us. As a tourist, you will go through a big bout of depression when it’s time to come back home. The scenic beauty, the friendly locals and the fascinating beaches are so iconic that it pains the heart to tell them goodbye. But before you experience that pang of melancholy, you are promised a few days of extreme bliss through the Sri Lanka packages.

Yala National Park

Yala National Park

For first-timers, the entire island is open for exploration. Yet, here we present the five top things you should not miss:

Explore the caves

Explore the caves

  1. Learn to surf: Indians are not known to be great surfers. There is a good chance that you have never tried this sport before. We urge you to try this sport on this tour. Sri Lanka not only has extremely riotous waves that are perfect for surfing but the island also has good learning facilities so that first-timers can learn this new jest of life.
  2. Photographing animals at Yala National Park: Yala National Park is a really good place for a wildlife junkie. Though there are great places for photography in India, this site is something unique for a wildlife clicker. You don’t get to see leopards that easily but at Yala, you may just get some really unique photos of them. Elephants, monitor lizards and a slew of other animals will keep you on tenterhooks.
  3. Explore the caves: Sri Lanka has some historic caves which are treasures in every way possible. They hold a lot of secrets of the little island and are gorgeous places you will not get to see again.
  4. Going to Sigiriya and rediscovering architecture: Sigiriya is a place which is the most significant site from the point of view of architecture. Here, you can unearth facts from the bygone eras and also discover cafes, museums and untamed jungles.
  5. Go visit the tea plantations: If you ever had a close-up with geography, you must have read that Sri Lanka is amongst the highest tea producers in the world. So, why not use this trip to check out what your geography teacher has been preaching all these years?
Tea plantations

Tea plantations



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