Discovering Majuli, a beautiful river island on the Brahmaputra


Most people usually discuss Goa, Kerala and Rajasthan in the name of vacations. At the risk of sounding guilty, even we too brag a lot about such destinations and do push our readers to check them out. But there are many people who like to explore the deeper crevices of nature. There are many who have already seen the popular corners of the country and wish to step over those soils which are fairly untrodden. So, here with Indian holiday packages, we give you Majuli. It is a river-island that sits right on the River Brahmaputra in the state of Assam. It is a place about which not much has been documented. It has been a seat of tribal population and the locals mostly hail from traditional tribal communities. However, tourism is now picking up fast in this scenic wonderland and modern-day facilities are sprouting up day by day.


There are enough wetlands to make you go wet on your knees (okay, make that ‘weak on your knees’). There are sanctuaries where you can spot birds of rare species. See, this is an island which is cut off from the commercial cities. So, you will discover that it is home to birds which are seldom seen anywhere else. Towards the south, bird-watchers gather during the winter season when the island plays host to hundreds of migratory birds. The ones called Whistling Teal and Siberian Crane roam about in hundreds. Pelicans and Greater Adjutant Storks also haunt the island and you will have a hard time tearing your eyes away from them. Photography is a must even if you don’t know photography! A lot of people claim to be passionate and full-time photographers these days even though they have got no idea about professional photography.

Siberian Crane

Siberian Crane

Whistling Teal

Whistling Teal


Majuli is such a natural place that it deserves to get featured in the top tourist places in India. The only drawback which has kept it down till now is the dearth of starry facilities and luxurious resorts. In the days to come, we are sure such facilities too will crop up since this paradise can no longer stay undiscovered. Tourists are bound to trickle in heavily and heartily.

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