Bali Spirit Festival – Rediscover life with yoga, dance and music


Bali in Indonesia is one of those islands where a vacation is more than just a vacation. It is more of a journey where you discover more about life and about the true essence of self. But from 19th March to 23rd March, 2014, the situation will take the extreme form. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this is the period when the popular Bali Spirit Festival will unfold itself and uncover many truths about holistic life. For a splash into yoga, meditation, music and dance, book your Bali tour packages from India for the season. The festival aims at giving the experience of catharsis or emancipation to travelers from all over the world. Needless to say that the festival gets footfalls from people all over the world and the numbers easily clock the 6000-mark. Each year, the festival is only growing. Now, in its 7th year, it has already cast a web of hype and hoopla (quite justified by the way) and promises to become the fulcrum of all tourists in this last leg of March.


Ubud is the place to be at. It is here that the festival rears up in the purest and wildest form, with no inhibitions restricting the fun factor or the catharsis factor as a matter of fact. What you get is uncensored unadulterated experience on power yoga, healing, holistic medication and meditation. Add to it the charm of dance and music and you’d know that they are not just meant for entertainment. They can often, if not always, work as an anti-depressant and help you enjoy those ‘100 days of happiness’ which is trending on Facebook and Twitter these days.



Bali Spirit Festival has been adjudged as one of the greatest yoga festivals in the world by Yahoo News. Given that the festival arranges for over a hundred workshops, this recognition is not unjust. Yoga gurus and holistic healers from different sides of the ocean arrive on Bali during the event to pass on information and to motivate people through their inspiring lectures.


Any festival is marked by the presence of good food. So, for the incorrigible foodies who think hogging should feature among the top things to do in Bali, there is plenty to look forward to.


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