Adrenaline sports in Switzerland


Switzerland is an incredible tourist destination but it is equally incredible to know that this country wasn’t touted as a friendly tourist destination till the late 19th century. The daunting Alps were seen as obstacles to convenient traveling and the hardships of weather ensured that people stayed away from this land. Then perhaps by sheer serendipity came a phase when the European and American tourists thought of experimenting. The experiment paid off and the world discovered a remarkably romantic and adventurous destination.



Over the decades, Alpine sports have become a rage and now with easy-to-buy Switzerland packages and Europe tour packages available online, the footfalls are rising year by year.

Skiing is amongst the most popular sport. Most tourists who travel from Asian countries like India try skiing for the first time in their lives. Though it may take a few trials before you can ski a bit without tripping over, the amount of excitement involved is worth your extra heart-beats. There are top skiing resorts which provide luxurious accommodation and have their own private skiing grounds. So, if you intend to make this trip a sports-oriented one, you can use your Switzerland packages to book one of these resorts. Their tariffs vary. So, depending on your budget, you can freely choose one.



Snowboarding is another sport which can make your adrenalines spill out of your body. Just like skiing, it is a safe sport and provided that you stick to rules and guidelines, you will not get even a bruise. The thick mounds of snow act as the friendly cushion, guarding you from pain and making tripping over a rather enjoyable thing.

Glacial Express

Glacial Express

Then there is the ride on the Glacial Express. Technically, it is not a sport since you are just a sitting passenger on the train. But since we are talking of adrenalines, we couldn’t possibly finish this article without mentioning this what-we-call an awesome experience. Zipping through the tracks beside the frozen glaciers at top speed can be remarkably satisfying and amazingly adventurous.

Bobsleigh Run

Bobsleigh Run

In addition, there are sporting schools and institutes where a few water sports are also available. So, if you are keen to go for water skiing, you can have a go without any guilt.

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