Best budget restaurants in Male


Maldives is a destination which is creating waves in the traveling community. Its beaches and atolls are truly a class apart. In the name of a beach resort, this country throws paradise at you. The capital Male comes closest to looking like a city (the rest appear more like uninhabited islands). So, it is natural that a number of people spend quite some time in this city. It has good accommodation facilities and splendid shops to collect souvenirs. These shops are appealing without being scarily large, the way malls of Bangkok or Dubai are. Eating is also a part-time hobby for travelers. It is generally assumed that when one is traveling, he is prone to eat more than he does otherwise.



So, Maldives tour package is a good excuse to promising your belly a happy treat. Seafood is a popular cuisine in this part of the world. The sea is also a source of income and survival for many. Fishes like tuna are the culinary norm. Not trying one is akin to committing a traveling sin. Male has a bunch of restaurants and most of them are modestly priced.

There are tea shops as well which sit placidly on the roads. They are cheap, but they are barred for women. Perhaps, it has got something to do with Islamic religion practiced by locals. So, if you are on a Maldives honeymoon, you may not be able to drink your afternoon teas at these places (unless you wish to drink solo with your wife loitering outside). The more agreeable alternative is the standardized café. Such cafes are enclosed and are meant for both men and women. They are slightly more expensive than the roadside tea shops, but then they have a more sophisticated atmosphere and facilities.

Rangali Restaurant and Bar

Some of the popular and modestly priced restaurants in Male are Kings Corner, Haruge Café and Departure Restaurant. Kings Corner has good Indian dishes apart from other cuisines. Departure Restaurant is situated near the airport and may be a tad expensive. If you are in the mood to dig into local seafood, you can check out this restaurant called Intimate. It serves delicious food and caters to both budget and semi-budget tourists.


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