Cameron Highlands is a must for a nature-loving honeymooner


Who said Malaysia doesn’t have that zing? If you are looking for a quiet holiday involving a mirthful stroll with nature for company, there are Cameron Highlands. Green, blue, brown and white, these highlands have more than 50 shades of hues. Of course, we won’t recommend this region if you are more of a party animal looking for clubs and pubs. But those who love a soliloquy with hills and moors will hardly find anything wrong with this place. Cameron Highlands are doing their bit to popularize Malaysia packages from India. Holidaying out here includes everything from trekking to hiking to just sun-bathing on the green plantations.

Boh Tea Plantation

Boh Tea Plantation

Boh Tea Plantation is one of the natural highlights of this place. It was set up in 1929 and has long stretches of verdant plantation which happily roll up and down over the undulating hills.

Cameron Highlands also has its share of jungles. So, trekkers and explorers enjoy a stay at this place. But probably what make this destination an endearing one are its fruit-n-vegetable farms. You know those books by Enid Blyton where you see teenagers going off all by their own over the farms and moors? Cameron Highlands is that kind of place.


Sam Poh Buddhist Temple

Sam Poh Buddhist Temple

Sam Poh Buddhist Temple

There is diversity as well. The region is dotted with a few Buddhist temples which bring a slice of spirituality. Sam Poh Buddhist Temple that lies in Brinchang is a must-visit. A small distance away is the famous Butterfly Farm. This is a great place to watch and study butterflies of various kinds, colors and sizes. And for something much more sinister, there is the Bee Farm which is a short distance away. At Cactus Valley, honeymooners enjoy walking around the cactuses. Yes they are dangerous to touch but fascinating to watch. No wonder that international honeymoon packages to this part of the world are becoming a hit.

Lata Iskandar Falls

Lata Iskandar Falls

Wait, there is more! Waterfalls also punctuate the region, thereby making the destination a truly beautiful retreat. Lata Iskandar Falls, Parit Falls and Robinson Falls are the top draws. Their shimmering display and deafening sound can paralyze the senses. Yes, they are that good!

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