Trance Parties and Trance Bars of Goa


One of the most happening destinations in the world is Goa and fortunately for you, it is in India. Goa is a place to go with anybody. If you have a partner, you will easily find all kinds of Goa honeymoon tour packages which will give you free access to all the beaches, wildlife parks, clubs, casinos and trance bars of this state. If you are going with friends or family, latch on to any of those spicy Goa holiday packages and run through the stock of all amazing places which this little destination (only geographically so) offers in bucketfuls.


Speaking of bars, you cannot quite miss out on the trance parties. There are many popular bars in the state which hold trance parties which can feel addictive as drugs would. But worry not, they are attended by people from nice families and are just for fun. As long as you know where to draw the line, Goa and its parties (be it the beach parties or the trance bars) are safe for both men and women, young and old! It is unfortunate that Goa often is frowned upon by parents when their college-going children request them to let them go with their gang of friends. There have been occasional instances of drug trafficking and sex-selling but it is not that the rest of the India is a crime-free destination. On that count, such allegations appear unfair and hurtful to any Goa lover.

Shiva Valley

Speaking of the top trance parties, the ‘it’ destination is Anjuna. The beach itself hosts fascinating parties from time to time. Some are formal and some are informal while many are just impromptu. You need to be lucky to find yourself at the right place at the right time.


Speaking of bars, there are some very popular ones that flank the Anjuna Beach. Curlies is the one which is a veteran (the old horse about which everybody knows). Shiva Valley is another crazy domain for trance party lovers.


Amongst others, Shore Bar and 9 Bar are top recommendations. Trance parties can vary in magnitude, subject to the existing rules and state regulations. So better enquire with the local bars before making grand plans.


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