Songkran Festival – Water Fight in Thailand


Thailand is a country that knows how to celebrate and rejoice. With plenty of festivals up in its sleeves, Thailand is a land which lives its life on the edge, trying to make the most of it. The locals are affable and hospitable, and so the foreign tourists partake in these events with as much (if not more) gusto and joie de vivre!


One of the most noted and colorful festival is the Songkran water festival. It stands out because of its mirthful nature and lively persona. The festival commences every year on 13th April and concludes on 15th of the same month. Thus, it is primarily a 3-day festival but one which leaves many fond and wet memories for the residents to cherish for the rest of the year. There’s an element of playfulness to it which is the root cause behind its popularity. Instead of performing complex rituals, the mantra here is to greet the Thai New Year with zest & fervor. So, the locals come out in streets and play with water. Each and every person, irrespective of age or gender, can be seen equipped with some water chute or spray-gun and there is water jetting out in all directions.


Though Thailand takes immense personal pride in Songkran, it is not unique to the country. Other Buddhist nations like Cambodia and Burma too make the most of it. In terms of the nature, it can also be compared to the ‘Holi’ festival celebrated in India at around the same time (in mid-March).


Though, the main festival of Songkran lasts for 3 days, its hangover stays for at least a week. Hence, most office-goers get a week-long holiday which is also a great excuse for meeting forlorn friends and distant relatives. The mundane chores of life virtually come to a standstill during this time and people immerse in revelries and food.


The Water Festival also helps everyone to let their hair down and welcome the summer months ahead with bucketfuls of cool water. Without inhibitions, people get drenched and splash each other with a deluge of water. There is a virtual tsunami out there on the streets. Hence, it would be right to say that it is one of the best times for a tourist to head to this country. If sightseeing is not the only purpose of your visit, and you would very much like to get soaked in the local culture, then there’s nothing more appealing than the tradition-laden Songkran!

Songkran-water-festival (1)

Apart from Songkran and its watery joys, there is plenty more to look forward to! Thailand is a country which has abundant beaches and markets. From the snooty Bangkok city to the sand-crested Pattaya to the cacophonous Phuket, the country is disparate and diverse! The Buddhist temples are sedate havens of spirituality and are well contrasted with the condescendingly colossal malls! The pleasant mix of tradition and modernity is a heart-melting element. The people are warm, and their smile is infectious.




So, do make sure to book a Thailand trip package this summer. And if possible, try to head during the much-loved and everyone’s favorite Songkran Festival!


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