Top 10 tourist attractions to visit under Spain Packages


Spain is one of the biggest draws in all Europe tour packages. With beaches, museums and other landmarks in tow, this country is the stuff proverbial dreams are made of. Let’s not waste our (and your) precious time. So, here are what you came looking for- the quick look into the top 10 tourist attractions in Spain:

Ibiza: Ibiza’s blue beaches, excellent nightlife and a World Heritage Site make it a must-visit destination, come summer or winter! No points for guessing why Ranbir and Kat chose this place to canoodle in teeny tiny outfits.


La Sagrada Familia: Barcelona’s La Sagrada Familia is an old church which is very popular with most tourists. It is also a testimonial of Spain’s rich history and beautiful architecture.


Cuenca: Ever came across houses that literally hang at the edges of cliffs? If not, then move over to Cuenca where these medieval era houses will both mesmerize you and scare you. It helps that Cuenca makes it to the record book of World Heritage Site for its ruinous castles.


Aquaduct of Segovia: This piece of monument is nearly 2000 years old but still stands stout. It is a huge structure made almost entirely of granite and was built by Romans for channeling waters from Frio River.


La Concha: Some Spain packages may include La Concha in the itinerary. A gorgeous beach, enveloped by islands and cliffs, this one is a top recommendation for a beach bum or a surfer.

La Concha

Pamplona: If you happen to be in Spain in the early part of July, you have got to be in Pamplona. This is the town where the famous (rather, infamous) festival of Running of the Bulls is celebrated.


Palacio Real: Madrid’s Palacio Real is photogenic, no doubt. But its USP lies in its label. It serves as the official residential quarter of Spain’s royalty! Mary the daughter of the king and this palace may be all yours!


Las Ramblas: Las Ramblas is an area which is meant for casual strolling and roadside shopping. Situated in Barcelona, it is a delight for the shopper and the gobbler.


Guggenheim Museum: If you still think that Spain is mostly about beaches, this museum at Bilbao with awe-inspiring architecture and lovely collections will make you reconsider your thoughts.


La Alhambra: To get a taste of Islamic art, do make sure to get La Alhambra in your Spain holiday packages. A fort-cum-palace, this historic wonder will eat up plenty of your hours as you go exploring and clicking.


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