5 Best activities in Bali


Bali, an Indonesian island, is a top-billed tourist destination for a number of reasons. One, it is a tropical island with a deliciously sunny weather round the year. Two, it has some great beaches, temples and other sightseeing landmarks which can make your vacation a special one. Three, Bali holiday packages are cheaper what with international flights to south-east Asia becoming so cheap and the discounts offered by the new-age hotels getting so enormous.

And for those people who don’t like to do things that other normal people would do, here are 5 offbeat activities which will keep you happy and gay:

  1. Night surfing:

By night surfing, we don’t mean surfing the internet at night, which we are sure you’re doing right now as you read this. Bali’s seas are very surf-friendly and though we won’t recommend it to an amateur swimmer, the truth is that a number of tourists do surf the waves at night. It can be thrilling to the core, but unless you are really good on the board and can swim like a fish, we would still say ‘please avoid it’.

2. Dolphin-watching at Lovina Beach:


Lovina Beach is a rather secluded beach in the northern flank of Bali. Many people just hop over to this place, hire a boat and set sailing to spots which are frequent haunts by oceanic dolphins. The best time to catch these friendly mammals will be early during the day when they like to hunt for food.

3. Clicking a macaque at Monkey Forest:

Traveling to Ubud, sneaking into the Sacred Monkey Forest and clicking pictures of a macaque is amongst the most satisfying things to do in Bali. It may not be as offbeat as you’d like it, but not many people get too close to these untamed apes. They are a nefarious lot and can run away with your belongings. So, we dare you!


4. Witness Kecak Dance:

Uluwatu Temple plays host to a bunch of traditional dancers (mostly men) every evening at around 6 pm as they break into the so-called Kecak Dance. It is a rather dramatic form of dance and attracts a number of curious tourists.

5. Flying over the Kuta Beach:

How about flying over the scenic Kuta Beach surveying the panoramic piece of land from a helicopter? It can be a crisp and satisfying experience for an adventure-junkie like you. Plus, it can’t get more offbeat than this!

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