Surajkund Festival- A temporary paradise and a must-visit from Delhi


Me and my gang of friends were looking for a different kind of a destination to spend a couple of fun-filled days when we stumbled on to Haryana which is currently trending because of the upcoming Surajkund Festival. It is a craft fair where the chief emphasis will be on handicrafts and such art exhibitions. However, it would be unwise to call it a boring ‘mela’. In fact, what we liked about it is that it has pretty much the kind of exuberance and diversity which you get at Rajasthan’s Chowki Dhani.



The festival shall kick off on 1st February and will continue for 15 days. It is an annual event and though it is in its 33rd year, it is yet to get its due. But now that internet culture is helping such offbeat events get an eye in, there is a lot of hope that festivals like SurajKund will attain mega success.

surajkund-festival 3


Surajkund Festival is held in the state of Haryana over a large ground and assumes the profile of an exuberant fair. There are plenty of stalls which exhibit and sell handmade products, ranging from sculpture to pottery to textiles to terracotta. On one hand, such exhibition allows the poorer craftsmen to showcase their skills, and on the other hand, fun-lovers like us get a chance to experience a fabulous day. It helps that some of the items are extremely tempting and a compulsive shopper is likely to refuse to leave without his/her hands full of bags. Anything sold at this place is moderately priced and so those interested in cheap shopping or those having a fetish for handicrafts will find this place a temporary paradise. Temporary because the Surajkund Festival lasts for only 15 days and paradise because it involves all kinds of activities- from eating to shopping to enjoying folk performances.



At the beginning of this post, I mentioned that this fair has that appeal which we find in Chowki Dhani. Both are rustic in nature and can be refreshing to your soul drenched in artificial city lights and glamorous malls. It is also a place where one can watch in wonder some delicious acts dished out by local magicians, dancers and acrobats. Hence, Surajkund is leading our list of destinations for weekend getaways from Delhi this season.




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