Nightlife in Pattaya- Sassy, sexy, seductive


Perhaps, we did a mistake by ignoring Thailand for all these decades. But now, one can ignore it no more. A rapturous, fun-filled and diverse destination, this country is making heads turn all over the world. The top tourist destinations like Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya have now become so popular that they receive a heavy stream of visitors even during the months of April, May and June when the weather is not very conducive.


Pattaya is the city which deserves a special mention. Its nightlife has drawn comparisons with the nightlife of cities like Las Vegas. Pattaya may not be the casino capital but its sassy personality and dare-devil attitude has earned it fans and followers in huge numbers. Pattaya holiday tour packages is getting more and more enticing, what with fresh restaurants and night clubs opening doors year after year. In recent times, a lovely mix of clubs has cropped up thereby giving the tourists their full share of fun. Lucifer Night Club, Insomnia and Marine Club are counted amongst the top night clubs of the city and have done enough to raise the standards of nightlife in Pattaya.


While partying and dancing at these clubs do give you a high, in case you are not a disc-type of a person, you may stroll around the beaches or walk over the streets. Pattaya’s culture and jovial nature manifest in the best form after sunset.


walking street pattaya

There is also a galore of restaurants, both budget and luxurious. Plus, if you are in the mood to enter a spa tub, you can just head back to your hotel and enjoy the treatment. That being said, it wouldn’t be wise to skip the delights of partying, dancing, eating and shopping. Some of the roadside stalls and flea markets can be captivating.


Likewise, the cousin Phuket is another interesting town which has been getting good eyeballs. It is a great place to enjoy sea-life and explore the delights of water sports. Other top things to do in Phuket at night include shopping, sightseeing, getting a tan at the beach and then going for a massage therapy before gobbling down Thai dishes and following it up with a glass of wine.

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