Europe’s tallest attraction in the Alps


Those going on a Switzerland honeymoon may add something more to their kitty. You won’t believe this one but then man has done a number of seemingly impossible stuffs before. Bungee jumping may be a great sport but it is certainly not something every person can try anytime. Factors like age, fitness and nerve strength do matter in the game. But now, with a special attraction recently opened, you can actually look down from a very high point on the Alps.


They are calling it as Europe’s tallest attraction, a nightmare for the vertigo-affected and blah blah! Officially called ‘Step into the Void’, it is a glass installation (like a glass cage) which has been suspended in the air, hinging on to the edge of the Alps so that a visitor can step inside the glass and look down a sheer thousand meter into nothingness. Your feet and the earth below will be separated by just a thick piece of glass. Looking through it, you may feel as if you are standing in mid-air perhaps about to fall off or perhaps stranded between life and death at a zero-gravity point!

Given that it took 3 years for this engineering marvel to come alive, you must give full credit to the French tourism company which designed it. It was thrown open to the public recently on 21st December, 2013 and has been making waves all over the world ever since. Tabloids are flooded with the awesomeness which this experience brings.


If you suffer from dizziness while looking down your building’s terrace, you are surely up for some real scare as you look down hundreds of feet below from this point. To the risk-averse, let us clarify that there are no risks attached. The glass bar is fully solid and thickly made. It is just your nerves which you have to overcome.


The view of the Mont Blanc is simply fascinating from this vantage point. It can be terrifying to the heart but will also be something you can keep boasting about for the rest of your life.

The holiday providers are increasingly adding this attraction to the cheap Switzerland tour packages. The next time you plan a Europe tour, do make sure to check this one out!


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