Shimla Sightseeing: Hills, Honeymoon and Sports


Some people say that you should plan an international holiday for a honeymoon. After all, one does not get to enjoy a honeymoon every other day. It is an once-in-a-lifetime event. Though there are some really catchy international holiday packages on offer these days, we say that why go abroad when there are some fascinating places in India itself. Shimla, for instance, is a hill station to die for. Well, not really to die for, but you will certainly want to die in its arms when you reach that place and breathe in its air. Shimla packages which are on display at our stable will give you just more than one reason to honeymoon in this Himachal hill town.


Firstly, Shimla is one of the most romantic places in the country. If you want excitement and ambiance, you should go to Goa. But if you are in real need of a quiet luxury where the hills and the clouds will be the silent spectators of your first bout of romance, it is Shimla where you should head to. That is why this destination makes it to almost all the honeymoon packages in India. Also, it is that great place which can be visited round the year. It is as enchanting in summer as it is in the winter, though you will meet a completely different Shimla when you visit it during the winter as compared to a rendezvous in the summer. While summer in Shimla can be mild and sunny offering you picturesque hills and a lovely sightseeing weather, the winter comes with its dose of snowfall and adventure sports.


One of the best skiing rinks in the country is situated in Shimla. Kufri is the nearby area which is also a clear favorite with the sports birdies. There are some good temples and churches too. And they are not boring as you would have thought. Their location itself makes almost each of them a vantage point. Some temples like the Jakhoo Temple is infested with monkeys and can give you a completely different kind of an experience.


Overall, in Shimla, you can enjoy the best of sightseeing, the best of Himalayan hills and the best of romance.

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