Tea factory in Ooty: An Ooty trip feels just the way tea tastes


The guys back at your home must be accustomed to their overdose of daily tea. For the Indian housewives, waking up every morning with a cup of steaming tea is a daily ritual which must be adhered to, irrespective of the tantrums of the weather or of the milkman. Perhaps, right now, as you read this piece, a cup of hot tea may be just sitting by your side likely to turn stone cold by the time you pick it up. As they say, love or hate it, but if you are in India, you just cannot ignore tea. So, how about taking a peep into the real world of tea?

blue Nilgiri Mountains

Yes, the Tea factory in Ooty gives you a splendid chance to get up, close and personal with the tea leaves as they go through multiple stages of procession and refining. Ooty is noted for a number of things- from its blue Nilgiri Mountains to its numerous lakes and viewpoints to the all-famous Ooty toy train. But perhaps, nothing will give you as much satisfaction as offered by a tour in this classic old two-storied building which doubles up as a tea factory and a tea museum.

This museum cum factory, situated in a convenient corner, is a must-visit for every tourist heading to this south Indian hill station.

Tea Factory

The Tea Factory can be reached easily by any private vehicle. It is just 4 km away from the central part of Ooty and is a hot tourist spot in India.

Ooty, of late, has emerged as a hot destination for people of all age groups. You do not need a purpose to visit Ooty though if you are on a honeymoon, this place may offer you a ‘jannat’ of an experience in true sense of the word. Plus, it is easy to book a cheap Ooty tour package these days. So, don’t give us that old Indian excuse that ‘We are going through financial problems’. Huh


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