5 Best adventure activities to do in Krabi


I am going to be quite uninhibited (even vulgar) in this post. So brace up for some testosterone moments. First and foremost, I would say that you have no right to read this erotic post unless you have booked one of our Krabi tour packages. Coz there is no use in gathering info on the various things to do in Krabi unless you get out of your procrastination phase and ‘actually’ plan a trip.

Since the header there talks about 5 best adventure tour activities, I would give a halt to my fiery rants and come straight to the points:

Rock Climbing: Krabi is more famous for its limestone rocks than Rakhi Sawant is famous for her silicone implants (both, however, are common knowledge). Of course, rock climbing is not as easy as climbing the stairs (though even that can be really challenging to some of the obese couch potatoes that computer has blessed us with today). There are trainers and equipments available. It may take some time to get into the groove but you will soon begin to enjoy the activity. So, before you catch that Krabi flight, better work over your fitness!


Scuba diving: I think I forgot to mention that Railay Beach would be perfect for rock climbing. Anyway moving on, the next bit of adventure activity which you need to do is scuba diving. It will help you feast on some really delicious-looking tropical fishes. But you will need to battle your own fears. Going under the sea is not as easy as going under the sheets.


Kayaking: Since some of you are already looking scared, I’d say that the weak-hearted fellows may try Kayaking. It will be a little more leisurely though equally tempting.


Biking: Krabi holiday packages can also be purchased to bike on the impressive and forested regions of Krabi. There is plenty of nature to explore there and in absence of topless girls on the beach, what better to do than to check out the greenery?

River rafting, spa and food: River rafting can be fun but spa (by some hot female masseur) may seem more adventurous to some of our readers. Trying new foods can be equally adventurous and requires an altogether different kind of guts.


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