Best party beaches of Bali


Bali in Indonesia is making steady inroads into the hearts of every Indian with more and more men and women eyeing its exotic beaches and luxury resorts. Getting a Bali visa for Indians is no longer difficult. For professional tour operators, it is just a walk in the park. Under the all inclusive Bali packages, you can choose a perfect accommodation, sightsee to the best attractions and indulge in any form of craving- be it beach sports or nocturnal parties.


Speaking of parties, some of the beaches in this island have a reputation of turning into a party animal’s den after sunset. Kuta Beach leads the race in this respect. Just a few decades back, Kuta (perched on the western part of the island) was nothing more than a sleeping hamlet with fishermen as the only constant. Now, with urbanization kicking in, this drowsy slumberous village has turned into a swanky destination with lavish resorts, heady nightlife and ritzy shopping spots. Kuta Beach is surrounded by some glorious restaurants, pubs and bars where you can have a blast once the moon comes out. But to enjoy the more natural side of life, you can simply sing and dance at the beach itself which almost always transforms into a hub of merry-makers and raucous revelers during late evening. Dinner at Jimbaran Bay is one of the best things to do in Bali.


Seminyak Beach is another ideal getaway where one can party in or around the shores. It is the less crowded cousin of Kuta, though it does not lag behind in terms of luxury and swank. Then there is the Legian Beach which is said to be a close competitor to Kuta for its jovial personality and sassy night life. Located towards the north of the Kuta Beach, this beach has a livewire audience throughout the day and the party scene after dusk is picking up momentum very fast.

dance party

Bali is a strange mix of holy and wild, with its traditional temples coalescing beautifully with the wild beaches. The island is green and that adds another dash of dichotomy to its appearance. You never know what to expect from this island. It can be serene at one time and outrageously uproarious at another. Find out the truth through your own eyes, ears and skin by booking one of the all inclusive Bali packages.

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