Lesser known honeymoon destinations in the world


Why do people go on a honeymoon? So that they can spend come quality time alone. So that they are not disturbed by other people. But do touristy beaches and popular but crowded holiday destinations solve the purpose?

You choose a popular honeymoon destination, make your bookings, do your packing, and land at the “honeymoon paradise”. The beach is filled with honeymoon couples holding hands, whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears. You manage to find a spot behind the rock when another lovey dovey couple emerges from somewhere chuckling and laughing at some feat they have recently achieved. On the special honeymoon yacht taking you on a sunset dinner cruise, you two are looking out into the ocean and into each other’s eyes, when another a guy, obviously on his honeymoon, approaches you and asks you to take a picture of him and his wife in Titanic pose.

Sea cruise

So here are some honeymoon destinations you might not have thought of while planning your honeymoon. Places where you wouldn’t bump into acquaintances, or be forced to make acquaintances. Places where you can just be with your partner. Places with hotels where er..you wouldn’t have to hear sounds of other couples making out in the balcony. Places you can do a little show off with.



The wild has its own thrills. Think of a romantic safari in the middle of wilderness. A lodge set in the wild. A dinner table overlooking a lush forest in the background of a setting sun. Cruise down to see giraffes grazing grass on the river banks. Kenya offers wildlife safaris, picturesque beaches, air balloon trips and special honeymoon lodges that provide guests five-star accommodation. Love is a natural phenomenon and is best celebrated in the most natural of settings.



Turkey is old charm. If you are a romantic at heart, you surely must love Turkey tour. The grand old city of Istanbul will throw you in awe with its mosques and bazaars, while the food and the ambience in which it is served will surely set the romantic mood right. Take a boat trip down the Aegean Sea or a dinner cruise on the Bosphorus River. Immerse yourself in the beauty of its culture and people, and you will surely find new love for each other.



Nothing better than a treehouse overlooking a misty lake to cosy up with your partner, eh? Scotland is steeped in history of kings and queens. See the impressive castles built across acres of grassy green land running as far as the eye can see. Of course, Loch Ness is a must. Taste local Scottish cuisine and make a trip to one of the many distilleries here. Yes, that’s what comes with being a cold country – good wine all the time.


Kylemore Abbey


The Irish always charm. I would have mentioned Colin Farrell but then you are already married and on your honeymoon. Discover it with your partner. Scenic counties, long oceanside drives, historic sites such as Kylemore Abbey or Glendalough. Book a quaint cottage in a small town and live like a local for a month. Sit by the lakeside through the day. Get drunk on Irish whiskey. Go cycling along the countryside. A good option is the postcard perfect village Doolin. Best time to visit is autumn.

Northeast India

If you want to experience beauty in its most natural and simple form, take a trip to north east India and maybe further east, to Myanmar (Burma). If you like tea gardens, Assam is for you. If you are in love with monasteries and Buddhist culture, don’t miss the Tawang monastery. If both of you wish to enjoy some tribal culture along with the the hills and greens, Nagaland villages won’t disappoint you.

There are many offbeat honeymoon packages to choose from. International holidays to faraway isles or secluded beaches, the options are myriad. Opt for one that suits your needs, tastes, and budget.

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