Best holiday homes to stay during Goa Carnival


Goa carnival festival 2014 will take place from 9th February to 12th February. Even though the carnival shall last barely for 4 days, it promises to be extremely chaotic, fun-filled and one helluva week. Holidaying in Goa during this time of the year is always a great idea. Plus, with Goa holiday packages becoming cost-effective, now heading to this exotic Indian destination should no longer be a distant dream. So, no matter whether you have ‘namak and nimbu’ in your toothpaste or not, this carnival season, you are allowed to head to Goa and make the most of your life.


These days, people have become extremely smart and like to save money by checking into holiday homes. These holiday homes are somewhere in between your home and a hotel. They are furnished rentals where you can stay just the way you stay in a hotel but with greater privacy and with lesser expenses.


There are some good service apartments at the Calangute Beach. Calangute is counted amongst the hottest beaches of Goa. So the holiday homes at this region are high on demand throughout the year. Most of the apartments have all facilities that you expect in a hotel and they come in different price ranges. Price varies on the size of the apartment (you can opt for anything from a 1-bedroom home to a 3-bedroom home).

D’Souza’s Holiday Homes are also gaining reputation. These holiday homes are situated in a quieter area of the Candolim and offer the tourists pocket-friendly accommodation options. The Goa carnival festival 2014 will be a time of intense tourist rush. So, you should make a booking in advance or else you may miss out on the best deals.

Varca Pedda Beach

The Varca Bon Vivant Guest House is another place you may try snuggling in. It is a 3-bedroom place where you get to enjoy a personal space and stay as if you are staying at your home. Its location by the Varca Church and near the Varca Pedda Beach is very pleasant and serene. Without being too far from the main city, this guest house is idyllically located at a relatively secluded corner.

Under Goa holiday packages, you can look for more such personalized and affordable holiday homes.


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