Dubai shopping festival 2014: The perfect reason why to book a Dubai package


Dubai has been the chief den for the shopping maniacs from around the world. While this city draws shopaholics round the year (thanks to its deluge of malls and souks), it is the annual shopping festival which takes the whole thing into absurdly high heights. A shopping festival in Dubai is held every year and has now become one of the most anticipated events in the country. Incepted in 1996 as a mid-scale shopping event, it gained so much fanfare and momentum over the years that it now pulls in millions of shoppers every year.


The dates for Dubai shopping festival 2014 were recently unveiled. The festival is going to kick off on January 2, 2014 and will be held over a month before the curtain falls on the extravaganza on February 2. It is needless to say that thousands of tourists will time their Dubai package around this season.


In case, you are planning a New Year trip to Dubai, make sure to stretch your stay to include the first week of January. That will give you more than just a peek into the hype and hoopla surrounding Dubai’s magnum opus. In case, you have failed to find a money-friendly Dubai package for the high-on-demand New Year week, you can book one for the latter half of January so that you can sashay into the city when the festival is at its full swing.

Speaking of Dubai shopping festival 2014, you can expect a grand exhibition of products, apparels, cars and accessories. However, this shopping festival in Dubai has a larger-than-life image and it is not merely restricted to shops and stores.


The festival witnesses fun-filled events, including fashion shows, musical concerts, competitions and contests and a string of other entertaining events. It goes without saying that this festival is not just for the shopaholic women but for your entire family. The kids would especially revel in this festival since the cacophony, exhibits, food and music are complemented with night-time fireworks when the sky resembles a star on fire.

With January 2 not very far away, you can make a booking for a Dubai holiday package straight away. The earlier you do so, the more you save!

One thought on “Dubai shopping festival 2014: The perfect reason why to book a Dubai package

  1. Too excited for Dubai Shopping Festival 2014. Every year this festival is celebrated by people from different corners of the world which is the perfect example of unity in diversity. This year too it will be a great fun indeed. If unable to visit Dubai this year for the festival then do visit DXBrooms at for all DSF related news! Happy shopping this season guys!

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