A south India honeymoon – Ooty and Kerala


When I heard that my cousin is planning a Kerala honeymoon, I wasn’t quite shocked, even though I felt that he might have chosen some outdoor locale like Singapore or Thailand for his post-nuptial trip. But after a few Google clicks and a couple of phone calls later, I understood why he has chosen South India as his honeymoon outing. This part of the country is quite different from what you get to see in northern India. Here, the elements of crowd, traffic and pollution do not bother you much (not as much they do in Delhi or Mumbai). The weather is friendlier since a beach is always a stone’s throw away. The locals have a smile on their face all the time (tell you what, even the stray dogs religiously wag their tails at you). And there is a brilliant mix of nature and religion.


Under a cheap Ooty tour package (cheap coz some of you may not want to spend much over your wife, :O), you can spend a quiet holiday in the hills of Nilgiri and run through a sea of attractions including the likes of Ooty Lake (that paradise of a lake all enveloped by hills, trees and misty air), the Botanic Gardens (the country’s best botanical garden with a 20-year old million fossil tree trunk as its chief attraction), the Emerald Lake (another fabulous blue-green corner) and a cocktail of churches, tea gardens, moors, valleys, waterfalls and markets.

Ooty Lake

After a few soulful days in Ooty, you can head to the state of Kerala and prolong your state of bliss. Places like Alleppey are the most coveted destinations by first-time honeymooners (and even the second-time ones). Since, it has a beautiful network of lagoons and backwaters, it is one of the most romantic spots in India.


Munnar is another favorite with the honeymooners since the air seems to be just another symphony of poetry. Kerala honeymoon offers you the forts of Cochin and the beach of Varkala, the ride over a tusker and an odyssey over a houseboat, a visit to Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary and an hour of solace before a gurgling waterfall. Kerala is bliss, Kerala is divinity!

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