Hot spots for the gastronomists on Baga Beach


Situated in the Northern part of the picturesque coastal state of Goa, the Baga Beach is among the major highlights of its tourism. With its breathtaking scenic beauty, white sandy surface, pleasant weather, charming nightlife, enormous scopes for adrenaline rushing activities like para sailing, wake boarding, wind surfing, kite surfing and dolphin spotting, Baga Beach offers a complete package to its guests. Besides there are some exciting shopping zones to hop and some great eateries to taste some mouthwatering delicacies that are jewels of the state’s traditional cuisine.


Dining is surely one of the top things to do in Goa and taking a lunch or dinner at the Baga Beach restaurant is something that perfectly complements the other forms of enjoyment that one can have there. You may either opt for a full-course lunch or dinner or go for a light munching session. The top restaurants on Baga Beach are strategically located to provide guests with an uninterrupted view of the turquoise sea from the tables and that’s a major reason behind their popularity. There are many that you can choose from but as a gastronomist, you should opt for Fiesta. Positioned bang opposite to Club Titos, The Fiesta is famous for its European style of cooking and is an award winning restaurant. Fiesta doesn’t delight one’s taste buds with sumptuous recipes but also its great ambience and the view of the Arabian Sea. If you are planning a lunch or dinner at the Baga, Fiesta is the ideal choice. For a light eating session like breakfast or evening snack, opt for Lila Café, Situated just on the bank of Baga river in Little Baga, the Lila Café  has been winning heart of gastronomists for years with a nice aroma which is spread by the freshly baked breads.


Lila Café is a German eatery, famous for its mouthwatering croissants that are extraordinarily soft and filled with thick stuffing of butter. Other tongue tickling items that you can choose from are spatze (hand rolled pasta), roesti and smoked fish with tartar sauce. To take your spouse for a romantic dinner, choose East Meets West, a restaurant that truly justifies its name with performance. A house that deals with farm fresh products, East Meets West is a perfect multi-cuisine restaurant. From chicken to lamb, beef to sea food, East Meets West serves it all offers an extensive menu to choose from. The restaurant is equipped with a charming Lounge Bar where delicious snacks are served other than fine wines. Another exciting eatery on the Baga Beach is the Britto’s, a traditional beach shack which is a haven for sea food lovers. To get a hint about traditional Goan cuisine and its specialization in preparing sea food, Britto’s is the perfect food joint.


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Debanjan is a journalist by profession and a freelance travel writer by choice. He writes articles on tourist destinations and hotels on a regular basis for various portals and article directories.

3 thoughts on “Hot spots for the gastronomists on Baga Beach

  1. Will be back in Baga in just over a weeks time, can’t wait!
    Love the Lila Cafe, great spot for breakfast. Loads of super restaurants in nearby Arpora…All Spice, Saffron Court, Spice Oven, Sai Bar & Rest and loads more.
    Scenery, Sunsets, Sand & Sea…Goa has it all!

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