Expedition to the mountainous kingdom of Kyrgyztan


Exploring the softness of Mother Nature in the form of valleys colored with fresh blooms, the shining ice-capped mou7ntain ranges, the golden sun set on the sea are gtreat experiences but are very common. How about getting introduced to the rough side of Nature, which too has got beauty hidden inside? How about putting your physical strength and toughness on a test by opting for a trekking tour through the rugged, rocky terrains of mountains? If you are on, then pack your bag and opt for a Tashkent holiday package.

Northern Kyrgyztan

Tashkent is the capital of Kyrgyztan, the Central Asian country that attracts thousands of visitors with its tourism, which is made exciting by the mountain ranges. You can start your trip from Tashkent and head towards North or South. The country is being walled by more than 88 gigantic mountain ranges and the mountainous kingdom of Kyrgyztan is divided into a number of regions. The Northern Kyrgyztan is recognized as the Tien Shan System and the Southern half as the Pamir System. Majority of the mountain ranges in Kyrgyztan are in its North and they are known as the Celestial Mountains. The Northern and Southern mountainous kingdom of Kyrgyztan is connected by one single road-the Bishkek-Osh Road and the route offers an enthralling experience to trekkers. Majority of the ranges are over 100 kilometers with some close to 300 kilometers as well. However, Kakshaal with a length of 582 kilometers and Kyrgyz Range with 454 kilometers are the longest mountainous areas in the country.

Tian Shan Mountains

The 2800-kilometer long and 800-km wide Tien Shan Mountains is the largest mountain range in the entire Asian continent and a major part of it lies with Kyrgyztan, making the country a haven for trekkers. The Chatkal Range to the East of Tashkent is a major part of the Tien Shan System. The mountains in this part of Kyrgyztan are recognized specially for their alpine features. In Central Kyrgyztan, Mother Nature would mesmerize in the forms of Khan Tengri and Peak Pobeda that stand to the South East of breathtaking Issyk-kul lake. Another exciting zone is the area around Enilchek Glacier.

Parmir-Alai mountains

The Parmir-Alai mountains, that stand as great walls in the southern part of Kyrgyztan include a number of ranges that remain covered with snow round the year. They are termed as “Ala Too”, which in Kyrgyz language means colorful or many colors or bright mountains. Surely it is because of the brightness of the snow that has fetched the title. The Parmir-Alai mountains include a number large and small ridges. Chatkal, Ferghana, Keolu, Ak Sheirak, Talas and Kok Shaal are the major smaller ridges and many of them are favorites to trekkers and mountaineers.

You can choose your route and at the end when you are tired, get back to the Kyrgyz capital, take rest for the whole day and then get out of your hotel to get a glimpse of nightlife in Tashkent.

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