In the rainforest of Mauritius


The moment you start toying with a plan for an island trip, some names pop up in front of eyes. If you are even a little aware of island nations and cities that are popular as tourist destinations, then the name that will make you excited is Mauritius. This island nation on the Indian Ocean is among the top crowd pullers and holiday packages for Mauritius are always among the top sellers. Mauritius is a place where you can spend your time in multiple ways. You can simply relax on the beach, enjoy the scenic beauty, participate in recreational activities or opt for exploring Mother Nature.


If adventure and trekking tour are things that excite you, then set out for a trip to Black River Gorges National Park, a vast landmass heavily blessed by the divine beauty of Mother Nature. Situated in the South-Western part of the island nation, which is hilly and suitable for trekking, the Black River Gorges National Park is maintained and managed by the National Parks and Conservation Service, an organization which aims at conservation of forests and protection of native flora and fauna. The Black River Gorges National Park is spread over an area of more than 67 square kilometers. The park is divided into three distinct zones-humid upland forest, marshy heathland and drier lowland forest.

Mauritius parakeet

With rapid urbanization bids throughout the nation, the rainforest of Mauritius is diminishing very fast but it you can get a glimpse of it in this national park. It is still very dense here and the lush greenery will surely soothe your eyes. Besides, the park is home to countless species of plants which include endemic plants. Multiple forested zones make the Black River Gorges National Park home to many bird species as well and hence birdwatchers can have a great time here. Birds that you can see flying here are Mauritius parakeet, Mauritius Cuckoo-shrike, pink pigeon, Mauritus Krestel, Mauritius bulbul, olive white-eye, grey white-eye and fody.


There is one research centre inside the park and an area where you can arrange a picnic. You can spend your day simply setting on the grasses or take a tour of the park which includes some beautiful waterfalls. Excitement lovers can opt for hiking as well. There is a river flowing by the feet of the hills where you can swim or enjoy the breathtaking scenic beauty of the surroundings from the top of the hills.

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Debanjan is a journalist by profession and a freelance travel writer by choice. He writes articles on tourist destinations and hotels on a regular basis for various portals and article directories.

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