Musical trip to the Alps


Tourism in a particular place is not only about its scenic beauty or historic sites, monuments and buildings, forts and palaces. Tourism is a broad spectrum which covers a number of things like art, culture, heritage and even cuisine. Culture of a particular place is something that one must explore as a tourist since it is symbol of old traditions of that particular region. Tourism of Switzerland is famous across the world for the indescribable scenic beauty that Mother Nature has gifted the land with.


What comes first while thinking about Switzerland is the snow capped peaks of the Alps. Certainly the Alps is the biggest highlight of Switzerland tourism but that is not only because of its snow-capped peaks and the lush green valley lying underneath. Another interesting thing about Alps is the traditional folklore music which is still performed by the rural people using traditional musical instruments. Folklore music of Switzerland, which is influenced by other European countries, is performed in different styles. Yodelling is a very popular style of singing in rural Switzerland and there are endless varieties of classical yodeling songs. Alpsegen is a kind of evening prayer that Alpine shepherds used to perform at the church. It is still in practice by the rural people of the Alps.


Tourism of Switzerland will also introduce you to musical instruments like the Alphorn, Accordion, Contrabass and clarinet. Schwyzerorgeli, a smaller version of the accordion is also very popular among the rural people. If you fancy exploring music of different provinces, then choose from customized Switzerland packages that ensure a musical trip to the Alps.

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