Walking Through Paddy Fields to Watch Bali Birds


Indonesia is one of the top tourist destinations in South East Asia and there are several reasons behind its popularity. The islands that float on the turquoise water of the Indian Ocean are the biggest tourist attractions of Indonesia.


Apart from a splendid atmosphere, scopes for absolute relaxation and diverse recreational activities, the islands of Indonesia archipelago offer great time for the adventure lovers. Hiking, biking, kayaking, snorkeling, trips to the coral reefs under the sea and bird watching are some great things to do at the islands of Indonesia. If bird watching is your fascination then Bali is a place where you will enjoy your time. The picturesque village area in Ubud district of Bali is famous for offering Bird walks.

Watch Bali Birds

Many people opt for packages for Bali that includes the Bird Walk trip to Ubud these days since it is a great adventure. Ubud is a region that introduces visitors with the rural life of Bali. Here you have to walk through trails along the agricultural fields to catch glimpses of different species of birds. Keep your binocular stuck to your eyes to catch Javan Kingfishers, Grey cheeked Green Pigeons, Olive-Backed Sunbirds and Greater Coucals flying and sitting on branches of trees. You can also see different varieties of reptiles like snakes and lizards and butterflies.

To meet your thirst in a different way, you can cut and sip a coconut and take bites of soft coconut flesh. Like many other countries, different Bali packages from India are offered by travel agencies that you can choose from.

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