This is what Tashkent looks like at night: A glimpse at the nightlife


Tashkent has turned out to be quite a freaking awesome place. It was a little known place till a few years back, but thanks to its growing night clubs and charming history, it has become a much coveted destination.

Tashkent nightlife1

Tashkent is not like what you would expect a Middle East city to be like. It doesn’t look boring or restrictive in any way. Rather, the nightlife out here is one of the best which the continent has to offer. There are a number of Tashkent nightlife information posted on the internet at various forums and travel sites.

The city glows at night and dazzles in neon lights. No, the locals do not necessarily tuck into their blankets after 10. Rather, many venture out to join the ambience in pubs. SMI is one of the most popular night clubs in the city (though there are many more of the kinds). It is a bar-cum-club. So, you can expect to drink yourself till your lungs and livers are completely satisfied.

Then there is the Alisher Navoi Opera & Ballet Theatre. If you want to see what Tashkent looks like after sunset, then you should buy a ticket to this place and watch one of the musical shows. You will be able to discern the local culture and get a hint of the deep-rooted tradition in these performances. The shows are rather diverse, with artists invited from all over the world.

Ilkhom Theatre is another attraction which you may visit in Tashkent. As for jazz, there is the Tri Bochki where you can shake your legs or dig into meals.

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