Top 4 Budget Hotels in Mauritius


Mauritius is not necessarily an expensive place since there are many budget hotels where you can take accommodation. With the help of a Mauritius tourism guide, you can find out the names of all of them. But for you are convenience, here are some which enjoy positive travelers’ reviews:

Exotique Vacances: The hotel is a budget-friendly place with 20 rooms. The hotel also has a restaurant and a bar and provides free parking and internet. The rooms are colorful and pleasant looking. Though there are no luxuries, you will love the warmth of the room, the food and the services. The hotel is located at 275 Royal Road, Beau Bassin.


Hotel Les Orchides: Nestled at Route de la Colline, the hotel is quiet and pocket-friendly. It is a beachside hotel and offers free parking, swimming pool, a restaurant and a bar-cum-lounge. There are 29 well-furnished rooms available. The rooms are, however, very basic with no luxurious amenities. But the tariffs are really low.

Hotel Les Orchides

Royal Palm Hotel: Royal Palm Hotel is located in Grand Baie and mixes the pleasures of comforts and economy. The hotel, despite being cheap, is like a resort with spa facilities. It also hosts weddings. So, if you were thinking of a Mauritius wedding, then it won’t be a bad decision to book this hotel.


Gold Crest Hotel: If you happen to pass by St. Jean Road, then do keep an eye for Gold Crest hotel. It is a towering hotel, with spacious and well-furnished rooms. The location is really friendly and the tariffs are affordable. Tourism in Mauritius has received a boost owing to such cost-effective hotels.

Gold Crest Hotel

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