Drink Coffee in Green Heaven of Coorg – Guest Article


The mention of “Coorg” instantly brings to our minds the scent of freshly ground coffee beans, and spices, especially to anyone who has ever been to this region before. Coorg tourism is flourishing because of the breathtaking sights and the rich culture all around.

Most of the people come with a preset notion that the main objective of Coorg tourism is to promote the coffee plantations and the spice markets all around. This is far from the truth.  Agreed that the vast lands of Coorg of Kodagu are utilized for agriculture, but there is more to Coorg than what meets the eye. One can view the paddy fields on the huge valley floors, while the Coffee plantations are in the nearby hills. It is an interesting fact to know that this district is only second to Chikkamagaluru district, when it’s about coffee beans production.

People who come here almost always are curious to visit the hills, check out the plantations and of course sample some of the local fares. There are very few restaurants in Coorg that offer authentic local dishes, most of the others offer what the visitors assume is a local dish. Invariably the smaller hotels offer a limited range of food while the higher end restaurants will offer an extensive list of items.

They might be expensive, but they are worth a visit, especially if you want to take back a memorable experience.

Two of the famous restaurants in Coorg that one can visit for good food and good time are;

1. Vivanta: This is located inside the Taj and has quite a few exotic and fine dining restaurants inside. Fern Tree, Dew, Nellaki, Poolside Grill and Hive Bar the five different hotels located in Vivanta, which shows that the visitors are spoilt for choice.  Indeed, it is an expensive place, but Taj as well all know it is renowned for their high standards, which means you will have a good evening.  Be prepared to spend a few hours relishing some of the local dishes, taking in the ambiance and soaking it all in.

2. The Fort Mercara- Yet another popular restaurant in this region is Fort Mercara. Quite a push

hotel, it offers rooms and restaurants for the weary travellers. One of the finest restaurants in Coorg, one can enjoy some of the interesting dishes on the menu here. The cuisine is Indian and International, which gives travellers from other countries a chance to try some familiar food items. The chef is also ever ready to create dishes on request and serve the customers what they desire.

3. Raintree- Located on pension lane in Madikeri, the restaurant in this Hotel is renowned for their elaneer payasam and hot coffee and tea. They offer a wide range of dishes including appam, chicken/mutton stew and a good spectrum of vegetarian dishes as well. The North Indian section of the menu is quite extensive and the dishes will leave you smiling. Time to have some lunch?

Author Bio:

This guest post is submitted by Chandralekha. Chandralekha is a Travel enthusiast, currently working with ixigo.com, an online India Travel Guide helps you to plan your trip to India. Apart from this she also writes to guide train travelers on irctc railway reservation , pnr status & all the Indian railways related stuff.

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