Singapore Night Safari: Hunt the night hunters in a blackened forest


If you ever visit Singapore, then make sure to drop by at the Singapore Zoo. And if you ever drop by at the Singapore Zoo, then make sure to be a part of the night safari. The Night Safari is a special attraction which takes you to a thrilling wildlife experience in a forest (located just by the zoo) in the presence of moon and the stars. So, what you get is the company of wild animals at a time which is suited to them. Singapore vacation packages almost always include Night Safari which was opened in 1994 and hasn’t looked back since then.


After bagging a number of trophies and going on to impress the tourists, it has become one of the best attractions of the country. The USP of this park is that unlike other wildlife parks in the world, here you can venture into the jungles after darkness (and not before sunset). The post-sunset time is the time when the cats and the feared wolves come out of their hiding. Thus, you are able to spot them and even catch them hunting on preys or setting for a prowl.

The safari timings are between 6 pm and 10 pm. The safari takes place at a forest which enjoys a total area of 40 hectares and boasts of around 1100 animals. You will be escorted by guides and officials who would help you spot animals with the aid of a special light.

The forest also has facilities for dining. So, the next time you look for holiday packages abroad, do give a thought to visiting Singapore. You can also buy Singapore packages with cruise to enhance your fun further.

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