Best Dive Sites in Maldives: Places God Made for Adventure Freaks like You


Maldives is a great holiday destination for anyone- whether you are a honeymooner or just a casual tourist looking for the simple little joys of life. But if you happen to be a sea lover or a sports buff, then this island holds many treasures for you. Maldives vacation packages give you the chance to get eye to eye with some of the marine creatures which may be as innocuous as the dolphins or as non-innocuous as the sharks.

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There are great diving sites in Maldives but if you are looking for the best ones, then try Lion’s Head. This place is full of coral delights. So, if snorkeling or scuba diving is on your mind, then this spot is tailored for you. The facilities for diving are also impeccable, and you can always trust the trainers to help you in the dives.

At Lion’s Head, you will get to see many colorful fishes, some rare turtles and even some monstrous creatures.

With cheap Maldives packages, you may even fly off to Middle Point. The site is noted for diving because the water here is really clear. So, divers get good visibility even if they do not go down deep.

Kuda Haa is another diving site we would recommend. It is a much-loved spot because of the eclectic collections of sea animals and fishes. You can be positive of spotting fishes the kind of which you never thought existed. So, Kuda Haa would add to your GK and give you a certain adrenaline rush. Holiday packages abroad often include these diving sites for adventure freaks like you.

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