Kopi Luwak: The Ultimate Coffee Experience in Bali


There are many places in the world where cuisines have contributed largely in making them popular as tourist destinations. Mouthwatering dishes that are signatures of traditional cuisines are major attractions of many places that are being visited by hundreds of tourists. But how about sipping a coffee produced from beans that have been eaten by a creature before?


Perhaps you haven’t heard about anything like this before and so you are yet to taste Kopi Luwak. Recognized as the world’s costliest coffee, Kopi Luwak will give you the ultimate coffee experience and to have that you have to travel to Bali. Kopi Luwak is not a variety of coffee but unique processing has made it a delicacy. First Asian Palm Civets, an animal of the viverridae family, also known as toddy cats are fed beans of coffee berries. The beans pass through intestine of the animals and later they are collected and are collected after excretion by the animals.

Indonesians Farm Civet Cats To Produce World's Most Valuable Coffee

It is believed that this unique digestion process improves the flavor of the coffee beans. For people who enjoy sipping coffee at leisure times, Kopi Luwak is something to taste once. If you have a fascination for coffee and planning vacation right now, then make Bali your destination and pick a suitable Bali package. Cuisine has always been a major highlight of tourism in Bali and Kopi Luwak is certainly a star attraction. Taste is not important when it comes to Kopi Luwak, but it’s the experience that you will surely cherish.

You may also take some Kopi Luwak for your friends and relatives back home and tell them the story of its strange system of processing.

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