Desert safari in Dubai: What to expect?


Though Dubai holiday packages would torment your wallets with plenty of shopping (at places like Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates) and give you neck-aches with the sights of the indomitable landmarks (read ‘Burj Khalifa’), a desert safari is something you must not miss out on. After all, Dubai boasts of extensive lands of desert which has got nothing but parched sand to offer to you. But wait, if you thought it sounds boring, then here is what you can expect out of it:

1. Quad biking:  Quad biking is a famous sporting activity which takes place on the sandy dunes. It is a simple bike which you can ride even if you do not have any expertise on driving. It is extremely thrilling since speed becomes your ally when there are no hurdles to break it.

2. Dune bashing: Another activity which you would simply love!

3. Jeep safari: If you wish to breeze through the sands on a jeep, then such a ride has got oodles of thrills in store for you. Just go for it and you would thank us later!

4. Taking pictures: Oh, do not forget to take your camera with you! So what if it is just a desert! This is the kind of panorama for which they made those DSLR cameras!

5. Enjoying belly dancing: If you are a man, you can take heart from the fact that even the very cheap Dubai packages include a belly dancing show! Yes, it’s time to gorge on femme fatale! Woah!

6. Camel ride: A camel ride won’t be as speedy as a quad bike or as smooth as a jeep ride! But its turbulent back would leave you laughing in splits (you would laugh more out of nervous, since it always feels like the animal is scheming to throw you off)!

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