Why should you go to Maldives for your honeymoon?


The only reason why you should not go to Maldives is that you cannot go to Maldives (owing to your deplorable state of penury)! But if you do have a few bucks to spare for Maldives tour packages (which, by the way, are getting quite cheap), then there is no reason why you should not plan a honeymoon on this fanciful fabled land!


Truly, the epitome of beaches and the hub of sea, Maldives is an island where scuba diving is as rampant as corruption in Indian politics! It is an island where the beaches are as romantic as some of the Yash Chopra movies and the water is as transparent as the dresses which Raj Kapoor would make his heroines wear.

If you are on a honeymoon, then you would surely like to kiss and croon! And what better place than the sunset-tinged beaches where everything gets so panoramic that you will feel forlorn into each other’s eyes!

Maldives is also a place where honeymooning couples tie their adventure shoes! So, if you have never tried snorkeling, then this is the place where you can open your sporting account! In case, you are feeling very brave, then scuba diving is there to show you a vignette of the underwater ocean!


There are many churches and temples too which would make a perfect part of your sightseeing. Besides, honeymooners love to do a bit of shopping and eating! The capital Male would play perfectly to your sightseeing plans with its mélange of shops, markets and restaurants!

What’s more? Maldives honeymoon packages are getting sold at prices so low that it would put even Mamta Banerjee to shame! Now, there you go? Don’t tell me that you are not going to Maldives after all! I wrote so much to convince you! ^_^

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