Unveiling the Old Town of Tashkent


One of the main trade centers of Uzbekistan, Tashkent is celebrated for its strong values, and called as the Silk Road City. The old city has its own value and sentiments that sets it apart from the modern cultures of the new one. The old city was alienated into four zones called ‘daha’, each under the leadership of a ‘hakim’.  The chief attractions of the old city include:

Djuma Mosque: Famously called as the ‘Main Friday Mosque’, this mosque is perched on top of a hill so that it can be seen from every angle of the city. The building was restored twenty years after the occurrence of a devastating earthquake. Today, it occupies the major part of the city.

Uzbekistan, Khiva, walled city of Itchan Kala, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, finely chiselled colonnade of Juma Masjid Mosque

Chorsu Bazaar: The heart of old town, Chorsu Bazaar, is the chief attraction of the city among travelers and locals. Also known as ‘Eski Juva Bazaar’, it is the oldest and largest bazaar in Central Asia. One can find anything and everything here, although it is famous for exclusive handicrafts like ceramics, carpets, and other lucrative art items, spices and souvenirs.

Kukeldash Madrese: The largest Madrese of Tashkent, and one of the oldest in Central Asia, Kukeldash is housed on Chorsu Hill. The interiors of the buildings holds the history of the city, making it a must visit place by travelers.

Kukeldash Madrese

Khazrat Imom: The Khazrat Imom or ‘Great Imam’ houses architectural and historical memorials within its perimeter. This Imom later became the sacred center of Muslim culture in the country.

Khazrat Imom

Apart from the historical significance Tashkent is also celebrated for its nightlife. The nightlife in Tashkent means fun, pleasure, clubs, dance and boozes. Explore the historical and modern authenticity of Tashkent by booking exciting Tashkent packages today.

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