An Overwhelming Visit to Dubai Creek


The home of the rich sophisticated society, Dubai, houses great tourist destinations within its periphery. The seamless natural beauty makes it an inevitable attraction. Dubai is known for many things. But the one thing that sets it apart from the entire world is the enticing and lustrous Dubai Creek.

Early morning on Dubai Creek #2

A simple arm of the Arabian Sea divides the city into two distinctive zones. One can see the Bur Dubai on the southern coast, and Deira Dubai on the northern. A glimpse of this spectacular division from the window of a helicopter or jet will surely take your breath away. This creek now houses boats and cruises, which ferries human beings and goods from one end to another. The mere sight of this thrilling creek will leave you awe-struck! The Creek is called the ‘lifeblood of Dubai’ as it is the reason for many million dollars projects that has been taken up recently.


A visit to the Creek is the topmost attractions of Dubai holiday places. Take a colorful Dhow cruise on the creek, and get ready to ferry into a world of imagination while gorging into mouth-watering seafood delicacies. Although, sunset Dhow cruises are available, nothing can beat the natural beauty of the nightfall cruise. One can also opt for cheap water taxis, Abra, to ride around the creek. In fact Abra is the most preferred mode of transportation, which beats the traffic, and offers panoramic view of the area.


While scheduling your next Dubai holiday make sure that you spare enough time to enjoy the intimidating beauty of the creek. And make sure you book Dubai holiday packages to avail lucrative offers as per your preference.

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