5 Tips to Mingling with Locals


Be a traveler, not a tourist.

If there is one thing that sets these two apart is their attitude toward the place they are visiting. Travelers would experience the culture, interact with and live like locals do. Tourists, meanwhile, are there merely for the sites.


The beauty in traveling goes beyond photos that you share with your friends. It is something that can never be captured in any kind of still representation.

So on your next destination, strive to be a traveler. Locals are humans like you. You may be speaking a totally different language. But they are the same with you in many ways. They also get thrilled to see visitors. They are curious about your tradition, about where you are from. They smile back when you smile at them.

So go ahead, be the first one to initiate conversations with them. As long as you know these tips below, you are good to go.

Learn basic language.

Take this advice seriously and it sure can save your life, or at least a few dollars off your expenses.


Words that translate to thanks and sorry, as well as those that refer to directions such as left and right are perfect to start  conversations with. Also, locals will appreciate that you are exerting effort communicating using their language. They might laugh at your diction but that’s okay.

It’s likely the way you’re going to act as well when a traveler attempts to speak using your native tongue. So just laugh at yourself. That will set the interaction in a fun mood.

Dress like them.


You need not walk around the city wearing local costumes. It pays though that you show respect and courtesy toward other culture by studying the way people dress.

Avoid putting on revealing clothes that leave nothing for imagination. You might want to scan across travel blogs. Consider as well the climate in the area so you can pack appropriate attire.

Learn about gestures.


Hand signals are effective ways of communicating minus the hassles of overcoming communication barriers. Be careful with the ones you are demonstrating.

Way back home, that probably is a sign of approval or gratitude but in other countries that may be an offending hand signal. You do not want people to think you are trying to make fun of them.

Extend patience.

Be extra understanding when dealing with locals, just as how patient you are when editing your essay writing outputs.

When you are in the market, haggling with vendors for instance. If you must say no to someone offering you their products, smile and say no politely.

Consider walking around in buddies as well when looking to interact with locals. It is easier to approach locals when you are few in the group than when you are going there in big groups. Anyone is likely to be scared if a dozen travelers flock around them.

Learn local recipes.

Are you staying in a hostel?

Do you perhaps have a host where you are staying? Why not bond with your host at the kitchen?

Take advantage of your love for food as a way to connect with locals. Watch them prepare meals. Ask about the ingredients and share stories as well how a similar dish is prepared in your country.

And more important, do try the dish if they cooked it especially for you. Even if you do not like the taste, fake it until you make it. At least pretend you are enjoying the food.

Author Bio:

Nettie Gray of  Write-my-essays.org uses her love for pets as a means to opening conversations with locals. She makes sure she has photos of her pets on her phone or camera to show off to others. It has been so far effective for her.

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