3 Rooftop Restaurants in Bangkok for a romantic dinner with your crush


See, let us get something sorted out straight away! You want to bend down on your knees and propose to that girl you are crushing on? The best venue to do so would be a restaurant which literally touches the sky (and we are sure she would be on cloud nine, once you pop the question)! No one does it better than Bangkok, the city of dreams and drools. With countless rooftop restaurants in its kitty, this place is going to show you the moon (and literally so)!

Here are some of the best rooftop restaurants offered by Bangkok packages:

1. Sirocco, Lebua:

Sirocco, Lebua

Sirocco is a rooftop restaurant stationed on the 63rd floor of the famed Lebua hotel. It is noted for its Mediterranean cuisines and offers a heavenly view of the city sky! It is complemented by Sky Bar, a corner for the alcohol-lovers! And just in case you want to dig into Asian cuisines, you can descend to the 52nd floor and enter Breeze, another favorite eating outlet.
2. Red Sky, Centara Grand:

Red Sky, Centara Grand

If you prefer your décor to be chic and sassy, then move over to Red Sky, the fascinating rooftop restaurant on the 55th floor of Centara Grand Mall. If you swear by your seafood, then this place should not be missed.
3. Vertigo, Banyan Tree:

Vertigo, Banyan Tree

Vertigo always finds a place in the must-visit attractions under all Thailand packages. Nested on top of the mammoth Banyan Tree hotel, it overlooks every other skyscraper and makes you feel enthralled. Good food and magical ambience make it a firm favorite by many. However, make sure that your girl does not suffer from vertigo before you bring her up this high!

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