Thai Restaurants in Bali: 3 places where you should try Thai cuisines


Bali, the greatest offering of Bali tourism, is a destination which is a favorite of lovers of beaches, temples and food. If you carry what we call it the ‘nomadic man’s syndrome’, then you should visit this island at least once before you vacate the Earth. And when you are in Bali, how could you miss out on Thai food!

So, here are some of the best Thai restaurants where you can let your tongue dance to some spicy delights:

Kokokan Club:


Kokokan Club is a Thai restaurant which is a part of the famed ARMA Resort situated in Ubud. This place is the in-demand eatery for digging into some lip-smacking marine food. If you love prawns as much as Sachin Tendulkar does, then don’t even think of not ordering Hor mok goong! Ya, it is that tasty! And the restaurant’s décor is pretty quiet and sophisticated and offers you a good, private space.

Jasmine Kitchen:

Jasmine Kitchen

Jasmine Kitchen is another renowned Thai restaurant in Lovina. It is best known for its amicable waiters, jazz music, delectable food and reasonable price. What works for this place is its ambience which is pretty soft, just like its ice creams which would melt so easily on your tongue!

Siam Sally:


Siam Sally is a sassy restaurant which serves authentic Thai cuisines and teams them up with cocktails of the choicest kinds. The décor is very stylish and the semi-dim light would soothe the soul without hurting the eye.

Bali packages from India can now be easily booked online at competitive rates. So, go, try these yummy Thai dishes!

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