Bali’s Famous Festivals


Bali, the proud city of temples has become a tourist magnet over the past several years leading the recognition of varied Bali holiday packages. Bali tourism does not only portray the spellbinding serene locales but also covers the best religious festivals the Balinese celebrate every year in unison.

Odalan: Odalan

The famous festival of Odalan is celebrated in honor of the deities for whom the temples have been so gladly built, locals dance, parade and feast joyfully. The temples are ornamented with flowers, palm leaves and bamboo towers. The festival continues for three days to a week and the first day begins with the sacred prayer ‘muspa’ followed by pouring of holy water and rice around the place by priests.



The locals celebrate the eve of New Year by dressing in finest clothes and offering colorful umbrellas, fruits and flowers to the sacred sea. The men, women and children dance for fun and watch the purification ritual in the form of a parade of ogoh-ogoh, the monster dolls depicting the evils while others clean the three sacred statues with seawater.



Nypei is the Balinese New Year and is honored by a day of silence, meditation or fasting by locals. Every local including tourist are required to stay inside their rooms so as to trick the evil into believing that the place is uninhabited and Balinese can have a peaceful new year. The gorgeous festivals of Bali are a treat to be a part of. So, make sure you book Bali holiday packages when the city is in the mood for some celebration. Another great list of Bali festivals in 2013.

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